USDF University and Earning Credits

Your Louisville Dressage Society Membership comes with a ton of perks, including the ability to start accumulating USDF University Credits. University Credits add up, so you can earn USDF Certificates of Achievement. Just like year-end award points, this is a great way to celebrate the work you’ve put into furthering your dressage education.

Earn USDF University Credits by participating in or auditing eligible courses in our area. Participants earn up to 2 credits for each course while auditors can earn 1 credit per course. You can also earn USDF University Credits by completing quizzes at the end of in-depth studies, offered on the USDF eTrak Online Learning Center. Access to the eTrak Education System is another great perk of being an LDS member!

Credits accumulate over time, so during the course of your education you achieve higher levels of recognition from USDF. After attending a USDF-approved University Credits course, auditors should send in their University Credits Request Form immediately to start accumulating credits for 2018. Then click HERE to view a list of opportunities to earn University Credits in our area (Region 2).

For more detailed information, see the flyer below

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