Introducing Lesson Days with Jennifer Conour

Louisville Dressage Society is a community-minded GMO that’s dedicated to furthering dressage education in our region. That’s why we’re expanding our programming for 2018 to include Lesson Days with Jennifer Conour.

Lesson Days are a low-key, no pressure opportunity for riders of all experience levels to work with a USDF Gold Medalist. Whether you’re looking for a fresh set of eyes on your riding, want to get your horse off the farm, or want help with a specific issue, Lesson Days are a great way to enjoy all the benefits of a clinic in a relaxed atmosphere.

This lesson series is perfect for people who feel intimidated by the clinic environment. There are no auditors, no cameras and no judgements. Just come as you are – you can even bring your insecurities.

They’re also a great way to tackle a trouble spot with an experienced trainer who has a fresh perspective. We’ve all hit roadblocks in our riding, and there’s no shame in asking for additional help with a pesky problem. Sometimes all you need is to hear the same feedback in a new way.

Just want to help your horse gain some experience in a new environment? We’ve been there! Put your horse’s brain to work in a positive way with Lesson Days. They’re a quiet way to start training off the farm without the hubbub of a busy clinic or show environment to distract you and your horse.

Jennifer's Bio:

Jennifer Conour is a dressage rider and trainer based just north of Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a gold medalist who has competed not only in dressage but show jumping as well. She has had numerous successes at Regional and National Championships, most recently placing 3rd in the Intermediate I Freestyle Championship at the 2017 USDF Dressage Finals. She excels in training horses and riders of all levels and disciplines.

We invite you to learn more about Jennifer HERE and click HERE to register for a lesson!

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