What the Heck is a Bitting Clinic?

Louisville Dressage Society is thrilled to welcome Kim Gentry, accomplished international Grand Prix rider and USDF L Graduate, for a bitting clinic on April 14! This is a unique opportunity to test a variety of bits and learn a number of useful exercises. To answer some of your frequently asked questions, Kim has sent over some general information about the clinic.

What to Expect:

Kim will bring a variety of snaffle, double bridle bits and jumping bits for clinic participants to try during their sessions. She will measure the horse’s mouth and look at the shape and overall anatomy of mouth and watch the horse go under saddle and then work different bits. The goal is to find the bit that the horse is the most comfortable in and the horse demonstrates this pretty clearly. She also believes that finding the right bit for the horse and rider combination is important in order to achieve the best harmony between the two. You will try several (or many!) bits and be off and on your horse multiple times.

Typically horses become better in the mouth and become softer and swing more in their bodies when the right bit is found. Often you will see many happier riders too as there is a better and more harmonious connection between horse and rider. Sometimes there are very dramatic changes in how horses go and sometimes the changes are subtle but very important changes.

The day runs like a normal riding clinic and auditors are encouraged to learn by watching the individual sessions. There is often active participation from auditors and great discussions about the sessions. The changes in how the horses go are very visible to auditors.


Bits n' Such fit all the leading brands of bits and bring MANY samples for you to try. These bits are innovative and are designed with the comfort of the horse in mind.

We are able to order any bit carried by these manufacturers’ warehouses in the US.


Please make sure that your check piece and rein buckles are clean and pliable! We will be swapping bits out often and it is much easier if these parts are clean and easy to open and close. Also bring a halter to take your horse back to the barn/trailer with when we are finished with your session.

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