Louisville Dressage Society is a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Group Membership Organization (GMO). 

Your LDS membership includes USDF Group Membership, making you eligible for many of the wonderful perks of being a USDF member. YOU DO NOT NEED A SEPARATE USDF MEMERSHIP to participate in shows, unless you are trying to qualify for regionals!!!  As an GMO, LDS is eligible to apply for grants and scholarships to help offset costs for our members and continue to improve our dressage community. 


Join Louisville Dressage Society for early access to clinics, discounts, educational opportunities, and more!

*IMPORTANT* Please electronically sign your LDS release HERE


Purchase your membership now and our Membership Chair will be in touch with your membership information. Your membership number will be the same as your USDF number.


2021 Adult Membership